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Gemma CartwrightI’m Gemma Cartwright, I’m 37, and I’ve worked on fashion, beauty, celebrity and lifestyle websites for over 15 years. In 2001, When I was 18 and studying for a degree in Fashion Journalism, I created a fashion blog called Catwalk Queen. Through various opportunities and changes in ownership it grew into one of the UK’s leading fashion news, celeb and shopping blogs. I worked on that site, and at various other online start-ups, for most of my twenties, launching various new blogs along the way. When I started out, barely anyone knew what a blog was, by the end I was working with brands like Microsoft, Topshop, Hewlett Packard, River Island, and Kellogg’s on campaigns, promotions, and videos. Being able to turn my blog into a career as the industry of the “influencer” was just beginning was an amazing thing.

In August 2013, the day after my 30th birthday, I joined POPSUGAR as UK Editor. The role offered an amazing opportunity to collaborate with and learn from a team of hugely talented writers in the USA, while continuing to produce and curating my own content for a UK audience. I love the variety that comes with my job: one moment I’m covering a royal appearance, the next I’m sharing money saving tips.

I’ve been at POPSUGAR for over five years, and am now Senior Editor, working across both Popsugar UK and Popsugar.com, contributing to a network that reaches millions of visitors per month. As you can imagine, that takes up a lot of my time, so for now this blog is in archive mode.

You can see my latest work for POPSUGAR by clicking here (UK and Europe) or here (US and Rest of the World). Please note I’m currently on maternity leave.

Here are a few of my other moments of fame from over the years.

Talking about London Fashion Week on Sky News

Chatting Tech and Fashion With Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard • Gemma Cartwright from Eve’ll Industries on Vimeo.

More Tech and Fashion With Microsoft Windows Collection

Microsoft Windows Collection – Gemma Cartwright from riccardo sai on Vimeo.

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