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Gemma CartwrightI’m Gemma Cartwright, I’m 33, and I’ve worked on fashion, beauty and lifestyle websites for over a decade. In 2002, When I was 18 and studying for a degree in Fashion Journalism, I created a fashion blog called Catwalk Queen. Through various opportunities it grew, over the years, into one of the UK’s leading fashion news, celeb and shopping blogs. I worked on that site, and at various other online start-ups, for most of my twenties. Catwalk Queen finally closed its doors at the end of 2014. Despite its ups and downs, I’m so proud to have been part of a site that existed for twelve years. When I started out, barely anyone knew what a blog was, so being able to turn one into a career was an amazing thing.

However, life is about new challenges, and moving onwards and upwards. Catwalk Queen was a huge part of my life, but I eventually outgrew it, and in August 2013, I joined POPSUGAR as their UK Editor. The role offered an amazing opportunity to collaborate and learn from a team of hugely talented writers in the USA, whilst producing and curating my own content for a UK audience. I love it and couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

After three years at POPSUGAR I am now Senior Editor, managing the European team and looking after a site that reaches millions of people each month. You can see my latest work for POPSUGAR by clicking here. My work for that site means I rarely have time to update this blog any more, but rest assured when I have something to say that doesn’t fit on POPSUGAR, I’ll be back.

A brief history of this site

Being involved in the UK fashion industry, especially in the early years of my career, I often felt like I didn’t fit in. I am an awkward, curvy geek. By nature, the fashion world is full of tall, slim, stylish women and I lost track of the times I was expected to be the same. I always felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb.

While I was on my first break from Catwalk Queen those feelings led me to create Big Girls Browse, a blog with a sense of humour aimed at curvy women who wanted to look fabulous. The site helped me to discover a whole new community of incredible women of all shapes and sizes who taught me a lot about what I was doing right and wrong. I learned so much writing that site, and the successes and mistakes that came with it taught me some very valuable lessons. I now strive to make everything I write about fashion as inclusive as possible, but I also understand that I am not actually the ‘big girl’ I used to see in the mirror. A lot of the time my biggest critic is me.

Much of the archived content that you see on this site came from there originally. In early 2013 I decided to close Big Girls Browse and migrate the content here, where I could expand the site beyond just fashion and talk about much more. Though the majority of my time is now spent on my work at POPSUGAR, I do eventually find time to share things here as well. This is my little place on the web to share everything I love, from polka dot frocks to amazing travel destinations, without worrying about relevancy. It’s very personal to me, and I hope you enjoy all I have to share.

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