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This Summer’s high street collections have had me both in raptures and totally disappointed in equal measure. I love the floaty fabrics, maxi dresses, pretty florals, retro touches and cutesy, childish looks. I’m not so sold on pastels and pale colours (I’m pale enough – I like a bit of contrast), leather shorts (squeak!) or the myriad of longline godet tops with naff prints that I’m sure will go the way of built in skirt-over-trousers when it comes to trends we’d rather forget in a few years time.

But that hasn’t stopped me investing (or very kindly being sent…) a few pieces for the new season, some of which are below, if you fancy a peek into my future wardrobe!

After a serious investment in wiggle dresses and vintage / vintage inspired pieces last year, I’ve now got a good stock of those styles and have returned to something a bit more bohemian for Summer. I’m all about maxi dresses, little cotton sundresses and statement accessories. I’ve also got my mitts on two things I thought I’d never wear – a playsuit (albeit one that looks very much like a dress until you look closely!) and denim shorts, which so far have only been worn over leggings. I’ve never, ever found a pair of shorts that fit properly, but these are great and a bit longer than the hot pant style ones in Topshop and so on. Good old Dorothy Perkins can always be relied upon to take a trend and mumsy it up just a bit!

I haven’t completely forgotten that retro love – I did give in and finally buy an Esther Williams bikini after going on about them for a couple of years. It was money well spent, the fit is perfect and the style is fab. I can’t say enough good things about the style. And those Irregular Choice cherry sandals I just couldn’t resist for a bit of pool glam – they should arrive Saturday and I’m crossing my fingers they fit!

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  • Reply kittehinfurs June 4, 2010 at 10:24 am

    that playsuit is incredible. and totally with you on the skirted leggings. WUT is all i have to say. i do wish however that denim hotpants did exist in larger sizes. i've been looking for one since last summer and just keep ending up at the baggy mumsy stuff. it's depressing.

  • Reply Gemma June 4, 2010 at 10:39 am

    The playsuit really surprised me – I only got it last night, Debenhams invited a few bloggers to come and try some high Summer Henry Holland stuff, and we got to take something away with us so I decided 'why not?' and went for something I wouldn't normally pick.

    In their press shots, Evans had an amazing pair of denim shorts with turn-ups with a floral lining. They weren't quite hotpants but they weren't far off. Haven't seen them online or in stores though – and I've been keeping my eyes out! See 'em here –

  • Reply kittehinfurs June 5, 2010 at 5:36 am

    i remember those shorts! i always wondered what happened to them, why they
    never made an appearance outside the press shots. shorts are some of my
    favourite items of clothing and i find it really really sad that NO plus
    size retailer other than asos has any that are cute and pretty and not just
    functional. and f21 i think; i remember seeing some cute floral culottes on
    gabi of yff a while ago. retailers need to realise that there ARE fat women
    who are confident about their bodies and might want to wear short shorts and
    minis like their thin counterparts.

  • Reply Star June 14, 2010 at 1:13 am

    I nominated you for a blog award…
    You can click here to view the post…<3

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