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You all know how passionate I am about making sure the right outfit is supported by the right underwear, so when Lingerie Please got in touch to see if I’d like to review a few of their products, how could I say no? I dropped them a line with my size and told them what I love, and sat back to see what they chose for me.

But first a quick note about bra size. There’s a huge, huge chance (an 80% chance, in fact) that you are NOT wearing the right size bra. So pull your head out the sand and go and get re-measured if you haven’t done so in the last couple of years. And by ‘couple of years’ I really do mean two, not ten. I spent years unwittingly wearing the wrong size, and the difference a well-fitting bra has made is unbelievable. So if your bra straps fall down, if the back of the band rides up, if your boobs overhang (above OR below the cup) or if you just want to double-check, go and get measured somewhere they don’t use a tape measure and finally enjoy the joys of a bra that does its job!

So, on the subject of bras that do their job, the first of my Lingerie Please goodies was the Freya ‘Arabella’ plunge bra (£28.99) and matching brief (£14). This is a classic bestselling Freya style that comes in loads of colours. Mine was a really pretty sheer aubergine / plum coloured set, perfect as a change from black under darker clothing.

It’s quite a sexy style – bear in mind because it’s sheer there can be a bit of visible nip going on! The briefs are really lovely and the medium fit me really well without digging in. I love how the set looks – young, sexy and not at all mumsy like a lot of D+ sets, but it still has decent support.

I’ve tried a few Freya bras in the past and found the shape a bit wrong for me. In general, the cups are deeper where I need them to be wider, so I end up with excess fabric in the centre front, but fleshy bits at the sides of the cup. Lingerie Please sent me the 34DD in this set, and I have to say the cup fit much better than the E’s I’d tried in the past. It was still a little narrow across the front, but the band didn’t feel tight. A lot of Freya styles are plunge, which I find difficult to wear because the underwiring digs in at the centre. This fit a lot better than I expected and was comfy for most of the day, but by the evening I could tell it was starting to rub, and would never be as comfy as bras with a wider middle panel between the cups. It’s a lot prettier, though!

Next up came the Cleo by Panache Penny bra (£28) and matching brief (£16).

I was expecting big things of this, because I love the brand. I’d say at least 80% of my bras are by Panache, because I find them really comfy and the fit of the cups is perfect. I can basically order any old Panache bra in a 34E and I know it’ll fit – and this was no exception. This is another plunge, so I was worried about it digging in, but it’s actually turned out to be one of the comfiest plunge bras I own – but not a patch on Panache’s ‘Zara’, which I’m slowly collecting in every colour!

The set is hot pink, which does limit what it can be worn with, but I like bold colours and have loads of red and pink items, so it suited me to a tee. I also loved that though it looks quite sexy in pictures, the fabric is actually very soft and is a cotton mix, not a scratchy synthetic like many others. It very nicely tows the line between practical and pretty, so can be worn as a nice everyday set. Both top and bottoms fit perfectly in my usual sizes, without having to size up or down.

Finally came the Triump Romantic Desire bra (£28.99) and maxi brief (£19.49).

Now I’ll be honest, though they’re tried very hard with all the lace and the purple colour, this set was the frumpiest of the three. The bottoms are high-waisted, and I thought they might work in a sexy, vintage way…but once I had them on, it was more of a ‘oh, my mum has those’ way. That said, though they’re not shapewear, they do have a bit of a shaping and smoothing effect, which is lovely under fitted clothes.

The bra is quite generous when it comes to fabric too, as it’s a full cup style with quite wide straps. The benefit of this, however, is that it is definitely the most comfortable bra I’ve tried in a long time. It’s super-soft, none of the lace is scratchy, and the fit is really good. You can tell this is a good quality set made from decent fabrics.

This set shapes the body well and is really, really comfy, it’s just a shame it’s not as sexy as it could be. Perhaps with the smaller briefs it’d be better, rather than the deep version. The purple colour definitely helps – it also comes in white and I think that’d be too frumpy for me – and I’ve found myself wearing it quite a lot because it’s so comfy.

Overall, I think my favourite set is the Freya, which really surprises me having been a Panache girl through and through up until this point! I’m just happy to have found a Freya style and size that works for me because they do so many great styles in larger cup sizes, but would also really recommend the Cleo brand for really lovely modern, pretty sets.

Buy all the sets at Lingerie Please.

Disclosure: Lingerie Please sent me the underwear for review, but all views are my own and I was not paid to write this article.

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  • Reply Anonymous March 22, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    Hi Gemma, we’re thrilled to see that Arabella was your favourite! If you’re not normally a plunge-style girl, you might like to try Keisha or Monet half cup styles or the Lucy balcony bra – all of which are available in your size.

    We are on a mission to banish bad bras, so we’ve created a dedicated fitting website, The Holy Fit. If you can’t visit a professional fitter instore, there’s a wealth of advice at

    Freya x

    • Reply Gemma March 22, 2011 at 9:25 pm

      Thank you for the advice guys! Will definitely try the styles you recommended. I came to the press day last week and fell in love with just about everything, I’ve started marking styles in the catalogues! Keep up the fab work. xx

  • Reply gode March 30, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    love this sexy lingerie!!

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  • Reply snowphi June 9, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Nice review but how am I supposed to know what the lingerie will look like when it’s on thin girls??

    • Reply Gemma June 12, 2011 at 7:47 pm

      Well hopefully the reviews themselves will help to give an idea of fit and shape. Sadly I can’t control what models the brands use for their pics. I’d much rather show photos of things being worn rather than just cut-out shots, but I’m not comfy posting pics of myself modelling undies!

      If anyone else is braver (and less concerned about prospective employers googling them…) please do share photos if you’ve tried any of these sets x

  • Reply Anonymous July 14, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    All three girls look beautiful in the lingerie. I think Panache bras are really comfortable to use than other types of bra. Panache bra are my favorite than other types of bra.Romantic Desire Bra is also good to wear.

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