Shoeper Challenge: Polka dots x 2

I have a problem. I’m addicted to polka dots. I have at least half a dozen dotty dresses, not to mention shoes, tops, tights and sunglasses covered in spots. There’s something very fresh and fun about polka dots, which I like as someone who is known to dress quite ‘young’ as a rule! But they also work for just about any occasion, as I think these two outfits show (I use the term ‘outfit’ loosely, as the second is basically a dress and shoes). The first outfit was for fellow Domestic Slut Gail‘s gorgeous wedding, so required some serious accessorising. The second outfit was for work on a very, very windy and depressing day that called for a less-than-glamorous hairdo!

First up, the wedding outfit. Gail put in a request for hats, but I sort-of cheated by whipping out my fascinator instead, last seen at the Derby. The races was also the last outing for my lace jacket from F&F at Tesco, a brilliant buy for events like this when I don’t want to wear too much black. This is the second wedding this year that I’ve worn this jacket.

The dress is from Marks & Spencer’s 125 years heritage collection, and was completely ruined when Samantha Cameron used her ‘connections’ to get one made up after they were sold out. Normal people (me) just found it on eBay! Anyway, after she wore the frock to a conference, every sodding newspaper ran a story about it, thus making this the Most Tory Dress Ever. It’s loitered at the back of my wardrobe ever since.

But two years have passed since then, Sam Cam’s moved on to Christopher Kane, so I thought I was finally safe to pull the frock out of hiding and give it a go again. I added a black belt from another M&S dress, and bow detail New Look shoes (another shoeper challenge save). The bag is by Dune, and was a gift from Very.

Then, we move onto a slightly less glamorous way to wear polka dots, with my work outfit from today. The current weather is playing absolute havoc with my hair so I resorted to a ponytail today. There is a reason I don’t wear my hair like this very much, but sometimes needs must! If I go out with my hair down in this weather, I have a haystack at the back my head by the end of the day!

Oh, and sorry I look a bit deranged in this photo, and like I’m doing the ‘tits out, tummy in’ pose. It’s because I am.

This is a Vero Moda dress, bought from the ASOS sale for £10. I like the colour and shape, but it’s a bit of an odd fit. Believe it or not I’m wearing the 12 and it’s STILL a tad too big around the waist. Vero Moda seem to cut very generously, I have a couple of dresses from them in 12’s that are quite roomy despite the fact I really should be a 14. the shoes, little patent flats with studs on the vamp are from Oasis and another first wear in the Shoeper Challenge.

So that’s two more pairs of shoes officially saved. Only 70-ish to go!