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Under 100! A Shoeper Challenge Update - (archived)

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I got slightly frightened when I saw on Shoeperwoman that we’re already on week 29 of the Shoeper Challenge! That means there are only another 23 weeks to work my way through my shoe collection, wear the shoes I’ve yet to ‘save’ and get photographs as proof. Going through the pictures, I’m slightly worried about the number of shoes I have actually worn, but not photographed (especially flats) so I need to get onto that and make sure the Summer shoes I still want to save get snapped asap. It’s gonna be tough! So while I update you with another shoe save, I thought I’d also show you the shoes I’ve dumped, the ones I’ve saved and the ones still have to wear…

First up comes another save, a pair of red patent flats that are far more useful than you’d think. I’d worn these at least two or three times in the last few months before I finally thought to get a picture…

H&M hairslide, Oasis dress, Primark flats


And now, an artfully constructed update on where I stand with the challenge. A green tick means a save, a red cross marks the shoes that have gone to the great shoebox in the sky (or onto ebay / to a charity shop). I’ve been quite brutal, and as we hit the end of Summer, I think a fair few more pairs will be headed that way very soon. That said, I think I’m going to be a big horrible cheat and hang on to my havaianas – they’re holiday shoes and I didn’t have a Summer holiday this year, so I think they can be an exception.

Those with very beady eyes will notice a couple of pairs that are ticked haven’t actually appeared in pics on here yet, because I wore them for a work-related event that I’ve yet to get the pics from. But I promise they’ve been worn and pics will be up soon.

And of course, there have been a few aquisitions. Oops. But I’ve already worn two pairs of them, and for each new pair of shoes I bought, I chucked at least two old pairs.

So the new totals are:

Shoes saved: 24
Shoes sacrificed: 16
Shoes still to wear: 73


All in all, that’s RUBBISH. I’m quite happy about the amount of sacrificed shoes so far. One of my aims with the challenge was to get my total below 100 which I’ve done, but I still think I have pairs that should probably go to a better home.

On the other hand, the amount I still have to wear is pretty scary. There are a fair few boots, and wintery closed-toe heels, but also a lot of very dressy designer heels I’m going to have to whip out at Christmas if I don’t want to sell them. I’ll need to save at a rate of about 3 pairs a week if I want to save everything I have left.


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  • Reply Amber September 8, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    That photo is absolutely gorgeous, Gemma – love that dress! 

    Are the green shoes in the bottom photo the Chokers ones you mentioned recently? I’m leaning heavily towards a purchase, if so, they look lovely!

    • Reply Gemma September 8, 2011 at 5:03 pm

      They are the Chockers ones, hoping to get an outfit photo with them soon – depends on the weather on Sat as I have a wedding to go to and a dress that would look lovely with them, but won’t work with tights!

      They’re called ‘hollywood’. £27 and quality’s not bad considering the price.


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