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Buy less, wear more: Frugal February 2012 is here!

For the second year running, I will be cutting out all necessary spending in February as I challenge myself to save as much money as I possibly can. I have so much stuff that I don’t need any more, and I also have plenty of reasons to save this year. So for one month only, I’m on a spending ban. No clothes, no accessories, no undies, no magazines, no makeup or beauty products, no DVDs, books or music, no pricey bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates, and definitely no shoes. The only things I’ll be spending on are food and drink, travel, and the occasional bit of socialising.

I created Frugal February because I know this is a month when a lot of people struggle to make ends meet. Christmas credit card bills have hit the doormat, many people have just filled out a tax return and faced a whopping bill, and we’ve probably all indulged a bit in the January sales. It’s the perfect time for a spending detox. Even if you’re not facing bills, bills, bills, saving for one tiny little month (the shortest, natch) means you can treat yourself at the end.

It’s also a good way of encouraging a bit of creativity when it comes to fashion blogging – if you have no new stuff, you need to find more interesting ideas when it comes to blog posts. NO HAULS FOR A MONTH, folks (I never understood hauls anyway)!

If you fancy joining in, take a look at the Frugal February rules & details page by clicking here, grab a button and send in the form.

If you have trouble with the form (or if you thought you’d sent it but you don’t see your name below, you can leave a comment on this post and I’ll add you).

Here are the wonderful 2012 participants so far…

Gemma | @GemmaCartwright
Blog: Big Girls Browse

Emily | @emilyinswansea

Claire | @chattermonkey
Blog: A Monkey Fatshionista

Catherine | @missy_catrine
Blog: Living in thee Mid Twenties

Tor | @fabfrocks
Blog: Fab Frocks World

Caroline | @Fairynuff27
Blog: Second Hand Shopper

Kate | @katematlock
Blog: Kate Matlock

Jamie | @jamers221
Blog: This is me…Mastering Money

The Frugal Flat Hunter | @FrugalFlatHunt
Blog: The Frugal Flat Hunter

Blog: Knitting on Trains

Amy | @amyandelizabeth
Blog: Amy Elizabeth

Blog: Undressed to Impress

Kathryn | @kathroooon
Blog: Miss Kathryn’s MissTakes

Blog: Tales of a Tightwad

Caroline | @carolinecutie

Crishi | @Crishinator

Sarah | @Bibliomouse
Blog: Bibliomouse

Jess | @ditzyglamour
Blog: Ditzy Glamour

Jackie | @jacgibbo

Blog: Miss Jessica Bow

Melanie | @melanieclarexox
Blog: Beauty With Melanie Claire

Victoria | @victoriareedx
Blog: Birdcage Beauty

Helen | @HelenL

Claire Louise | @ifellin2ystrday
Blog: I fell into yesterday

Gina | @eclectic_gina
Blog: Fat Fit Fine

Anna | @AnnaNuttall
Blog: The Beautiful Style

Rebecca | @sullenhearts
Blog: Fat Girl Living

JT | @FauxFoodieGirl
Blog: The Faux Foodie Girl

Keris | @keris
Blog: Keris Stainton

Amy | @blancheandlola
Blog: Blanche and Lola

Danielle | @danielle_jaques
Blog: Frugal Spirit

Harriet | @HJCH
Blog: Harriet Juliana

Blog: Prunus

Jessica | @Jessicatron
Blog: Jessicatron

Kate | @allfivehorizons
Blog: All Five Horizons

Sarah | @SarahBlackshaw
Blog: Girl Wandsworth

Michelle | @turtlegirl904
Blog: Crossing The Finish Line 366

Blog: Brittany (& Chase)

Hazel | @HazelxJoy
Blog: World of Joy

Ruth | @minibreakmummy
Blog: Minibreak Mummy

Gemma | @RoseBlossom4
Blog: rosewinelover

Dig for Tea | @digfortea
Blog: Dig For Tea

Alison | @alisonyoforshit
Blog: Round Raglan Road

Megan-Elizabeth | @meganellizabeth
Blog: Velvet Bows

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  • Samantha Morris

    Yeah maybe I need to support your Frugal February rules…  I appreciate your recommendation! Its a very wise tactics for this month to spend less as credit bills..bills…bills.. are everywhere.  :)

  • Sarah Chapman

    I think I added myself last week, but can’t see myself! Maybe book bloggers don’t count? 😉

  • Kathryn Kaupa

    Hi, I’m sure I had submitted the form:

    Kathryn / @kathroooon

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  • Jessica Ferris

    I just posted my own Frugal Feb blog post to encourage my friends to do it too =)
    Hope you like it! It’s an awesome idea and just what I need to give me a kick up the bum with my savings haha. Thanks for this! xx

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  • Claire Louise

    Hi, I tried submitting a form last night, not sure if it worked though. @ifellin2ystrday:twitter Claire Louise

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  • Ruth Jenkins

    This is a really great idea. I just did a blogpost about this on my blog (and tried to add myself to your list of participants but it doesn’t seem to have worked). Sorry I’m a bit late. The snow kept me away from the shops this weekend so that has stopped me spending any money so far this month :-)

  • Hazel

    Hello, I signed up, using the form, but I don’t seem to be on here.