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Sale bargains I shouldn’t buy but probably will anyway… - (archived)

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This is a bit of a filler post, I have to admit. I’m showing you some of the stuff I’m not buying right now because it’s so hard to show you the stuff I have. There’s so much I want to show you – a new Linea Pelle bag, another beautiful Lady Vintage dress, some great finds from the sales…but getting decent snaps is proving difficult. I’m desperately trying to move away from the fuzzy shots I get in my dressing room (my camera really doesn’t like indoors lighting) but the constant rain and bad weather has been really affecting my ability to take decent shots outside (which also involves cajoling someone to take the snaps – something the boyfriend is not very good at). So while I wait for a Sunny moment tomorrow (IT HAS TO HAPPEN, right?) here are some of the items I’ve been coveting but attempting not to buy in recent days…

KG by Kurt Geiger ‘Gem’ snakeskin heels £35

Come on, they’re called ‘Gem’, how could I resist? I’m *so* close to ordering these but I know they’re too high and too ridiculous. I also don’t usually like snakeskin, but I’m drawn to these. As if the silver heels and snakeskin uppers weren’t enough, the ankle strap and the toecap are covered in little sparkles. I love my shoes to be completely ridiculous and I think these definitely make the grade. And there’s a £95 reduction. SO tempting! I fear I may end up heading to a store early next week to see them in real life and judge whether I’ll ever be able to walk in them.

G21 Giraffe print jumpsuit £20 George at Asda

It’s a jumpsuit, with giraffes on. I don’t feel like I need to say any more. Except that I also really like the strappy back, the slim trousers and the fact it’s only £20. My only problem with jumpsuits is the faff you have to go through if you need the loo. Still, it’s more practical in Summer than in Winter, at least you don’t freeze quite so much!

Olivia Rubin black floral swimsuit £17 Dorothy Perkins

Apparently I was the only one who loved the Olivia Rubin for Dorothy Perkins stuff (well, me and Una from The Saturdays) since it’s all now in the sale at drastically reduced prices. I love a good halter swimsuit and this one has the bonus of an added belt/waist panel – always good for drawing attention to the best bits. The only problem is I just sorted out my swimwear and I already have far more bikinis and swimsuits than I do days of the year to actually wear them, so I won’t be purchasing.

Blue patterned Mustique floral sundress £15 at Warehouse

Blah blah halterneck, blah blah sundress, blah blah floral, blah blah 50s inspired…you know where I’m going with this. This is a total ‘Gemma’ dress. The kind of thing my friends point out to me when we’re shopping together. And £15 is a bargain for a fab Summer holiday dress that originally cost three times that. The only problem – I’m not going on a Summer holiday (I’m away in September instead). And given the current rubbish weather, I doubt I’d get any wear out of this in the UK. Should not buy.

Harris chain heeled sandals from £7 a pair at Topshop

Toppers sandals for seven squids. If the aforementioned crappy weather wasn’t an issue, I’d be buying these up in more than one colour. As it is I already have two pairs of new sandals I’ve not even been able to wear out of the house yet. Damn you, rain!

‘Sexy plunge’ pencil dress £19 at ASOS

As you can see from the terrible pic on the right (oh, instagram…) I already have this in blue. And I love the fit. It doesn’t exactly give much room for movement, but it is the perfect holiday night out dress, which is why I’m tempted to order the pink as well, since it’s only £19. That said, I think the pink might be less forgiving in terms of underwear than the darker blue, and this baby definitely calls for scaffolding underneath!

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    Ahem. So I bought the shoes.

    Of course I did.

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