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The Evans Shape Studio Event - (archived)

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I’ve been to loads of great events over the last few weeks that even finding time to write them up has been difficult, but I’m playing catch-up now starting with the first, the Evans shape studio event. It was a brilliant chance to catch up with the fab ladies from the Evans team, plus the new models for the latest Swan by Clements Ribeiro collection (coming soon) who just happen to be five fabulous plus size bloggers – Georgina, Callie, Bethany, Marie and Nicolette. By now you may have seen *that* Liz Jones article (and the usual bile-filled comments on the Mail online) relating to this campaign – if you haven’t, congratulations for avoiding it. You’ll get a far better idea of what this is all about by reading the thoughts of the people that matter – their consumers, the plus size bloggers and the people who SHOP at Evans, not a bunch of unimaginative trolls who think they’re being clever. What I saw at the event were five incredible women having loads of fun and perfectly representing the people this brand is trying to target. And who can argue with that?

The idea of the event, as well as introducing the blogger-spokesmodels was to give us a chance to see the new ranges from Evans. There was a photography studio set up at the event, and the rails were full of styles from the new Spring / Summer ranges that we could try on and be snapped in, including some great stuff from the girly, trend-led new range Scarlett and Jo, which has just gone live on the website.

I wasn’t originally going to step in front of the camera myself because I was having too much fun watching everyone else, but after a couple of glasses of bubbly, a gentle nudge from Georgina and the lure of free hair styling and makeup, there I was strutting my stuff with the best of them. I have to admit it was a bit of a novelty after going to various ‘try it on’ events to find one that I could take part in. At most there are no samples larger than a size 10, but Evans had made sure to stock the rails with loads of items in various sizes from 14 upwards.


The black 60s style dress with lacy collar that I’m wearing is £40 from Scarlett and Jo. It isn’t available online yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as it is. It’s a classic shift shape, but they’ve added ties at the back so you can pull it in at the waist if you want. I thought since I always go for the tea dress or the fitted wiggle dress that this time I’d try something new. Carina from Evans picked the dress out for me, and I think she did a great job. I did some standard blogger poses, but my favourite pictures were the more silly ones. I can’t do ‘serious’ when there’s a camera in the room. Immediately the OTT poses and goofy smile come out. Life’s too short to look grumpy in photos!


Ps. The incredible shoes are these, sadly sold out online now.

The other exciting thing to see at the event was the forthcoming 8-piece Alouette range by Alex Monroe. Evans always does so well with its accessories collaborations (I still wear my Georgina Goodman shoes from years ago) and this one continues in that grand tradition, bringing some of the jewellery designer’s most popular trademarks to a wider audience, with lower price points but the same delicate, pretty look. I’m so glad this keeps the simplicity Monroe is known for, I love the leaf pieces.


The word from Evans HQ is that this range isn’t going to hang around long, so if you love it, get ready to fight for the best stuff!

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  • Reply Super Amanda February 17, 2013 at 1:22 am

    You and the other ladies all look WONDERFUL!! That seems like it was a marvelous event and I love your “Tens does the 90s doing the 60s” dress! Happy Spring :)

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