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You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Country… - (archived)

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I’ve lived in London for almost twelve years, but I actually grew up in a rural village, surrounded by countryside. I never really appreciated it when I was there – country walks were just something my dad made me do when I could have been shopping – but I’ve grown to learn how lucky I was that I spent my formative years adopting hedgehogs in the garden, sledging on the common in Winter and attempting to rollerblade through fields in Spring. I’ve been on my fair share of camping trips, played epic games of hide and seek in the grounds of the village castle (really) and can still identify most common birds and butterflies, despite rarely seeing them in Clapham.

The one thing I never really embraced properly as a country girl was traditional country clothing. Ok, I had a gilet once, but that was more to do with wanting to be a member of All Saints than wanting to go to pony school. Some things I wore out of practicality, like a pair of hand-me-down moon boots in the snow, a wax jacket won in a school raffle when I was about 6, a striped rugby top, and the seen-better-days casuals my mum refers to as “scruffs” that I wore on the rare occasions I was dragged away from my sketchbook (and later computer) to help in the garden. But the full-on British prep look wasn’t something I embraced until much later, when country casuals got a pretty, vintage-inspired overhaul.

Country Clothing at Joules

Now, I’m smitten with these styles, all from purveyors of all things country-pretty, Joules. Look at that swimsuit! Check out the twee print on the sundress! This is not the countryside dressing I remember from childhood. This is the country chic dressing of a Richard Curtis film, where everyone’s got double-barrelled surnames and large family estates. And I love it!

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  • Reply Super Amanda June 1, 2014 at 3:22 am

    You have the best fashion posts!! Thank you :)

  • Reply Super Amanda June 1, 2014 at 3:25 am

    I lived off Abeville in 2008. Don’t you ever see the egrets on the common? There were many wood pigeons in our yard too. Not the same as the country though agreed! I would LOVE to see you do a post on Clapham and Balham.

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