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To get in touch, email me at, but before you do, here are my rules on PR, SEO and ads.


If you’d like to advertise your website on my site please email me with your requirements.

There are a variety of options available, and the site can accommodate text links, MPUs, banners and skyscrapers for relevant companies. I will not display banners in return for links, “exposure” or free product.

Guest Posts

I don’t publish content written by other people on this site. By virtue of the name, this site is all about me and I feel it would be odd to feature other people’s writing unless there is a very good reason. With this in mind, please do not contact me with offers of free content, pre-written stories or guest posts. I will not publish these.

Sponsored Posts

If you wish to see your client featured here, I am more than happy to consider writing a sponsored post for a relevant brand. I believe I know my readers best and will be able to tailor the content in the best way for the best results. There will obviously be fee for my time and the exposure you receive on this site. You can see some examples of previous sponsored posts in the Sponsored Posts category.

Please note that sponsored posts will carry a disclosure note or image at the bottom. This is non-negotiable.

Under no circumstances will I accept payment for writing positive reviews. I will accept products for review but brands/agencies cannot dictate or edit the associated the post except to fix factual errors (eg. price discrepancies).

Affiliate Partnerships

I use Skimlinks to automatically turn any relevant links into affiliate links, and Shopsense for some ads and content widgets. I do not join individual affiliate programs. The only way of becoming an affiliate is to become a Skimlinks or Shopsense merchant, something I strongly encourage anyone to do if they’d like to be featured more on blogs!

Product Submissions:

I am always happy to hear from brands or PRs with relevant clients who would like to be included on the site. Please take a look at the site first and get to know the editorial style and range of content before suggesting your product. In most cases all I will need to consider something for a feature is product information, a link to somewhere online that the product can be bought (or a stockists telephone number) and a low resolution image.

For a review I will need a product sample. Please email me if you’d like to send a sample and we can discuss whether it is relevant. If you wish to include specific links or anchor within a product review, please let me know about this first as this usually means it’s a sponsored post and there will be a fee.

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