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The Best Things in Life Are Free(mans)

In order to celebrate the launch of their new TV ad, the lovely folks at Freemans got in touch to treat me to a few new wardrobe additions and the opportunity to have a bit of a pamper. Free time for pampering has been sorely lacking in the last few weeks so my bath bombs and beauty treats remain untouched, but I have been having fun with my new clothes (which, let’s be honest, is my favourite way to relax anyway).

I must confess it’s been a long time since I’ve had any experience with Freemans. I would pore over the catalogue and try to persuade my mum to buy me slip dresses and flares and platform shoes back in the ’90s; the irony is a lot of the stuff you can find there now is probably a dead ringer for the stuff I coveted back then. So perhaps it was fate that they came back into my life around the same time as all the trends from my teens. Of course now you don’t need a catalogue delivered to the house, you can just shop online. Much easier (though they do have a few of the old catalogue elements, like the ability to open an account and buy now, pay later). The ad reminds you just how many things they sell, from shoes to washing machines. There really is something for everyone. I’m guessing I can’t buy one of those lions, though. Shame.

I always remember Freemans stocking brands I loved as a teen (Shelly’s shoes, Kickers, Red or Dead) and things haven’t changed, they still stock a lot of household names, but I was also surprised to spot a few more cult labels, like Yumi, Darling, and Glamorous. Glamorous has become a fast favourite of mine in the last couple of seasons, so the first item I picked had to be from them. I went full on ’70s with a faux suede button-down midi skirt. I was worried it would be very thin and flimsy but it’s actually super heavy and quite stiff, making it perfect for Autumn with my tan Orla Kiely accessories and plenty of cosy black. I have a feeling I’ll wear this a lot in the coming months.


Next up was a wrap blouse, which I got in burgundy, or if you want to be posh and use the Pantone colour of the year…marsala.

Freemans Wrap Blouse

I wore this all weekend on a trip to Liverpool and it won me over for one simple reason; I never flashed my bra. That’s always been my fear with these draped tops. But the wrap is really smartly designed to sit in just the right spot and the shoulders are reinforced so it doesn’t sag. The open back and folded hem at the front makes it the perfect option for people (aka me) who are incapable of doing that nonchalant “half tuck” that street style stars can do. It’s all done for you.

Finally, we have the dresses (because of course there were dresses). The other one will come in another post but I had to show the blue polka dots.


I’m going to call this my “time machine” dress because it’s the kind of thing I lived in about 5 years ago. There was a time when a stretchy jersey dress and tights was my version of jeans and a t-shirt. Now I have finally embraced jeans (read: lost enough weight to fit back into them) I don’t opt for this style as much and because I wore it so much it feels a bit old-fashioned to me now, but I couldn’t resist this for old time’s sake as it felt very “me”. When I put it on, I remembered why I loved this style so much. I’s so easy-to-wear, it’s always flattering on a curvy figure, and it’s timeless.

I guess you could say that through this campaign I rediscovered an old faithful in more ways than one: both a retailer, and a dress!

Disclosure: Freemans gave me the products as a gift. I wasn’t paid to write this post.

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“Apart from being very disappointed not to see my favourite reindeer jumper again…”


Christmas outfit planning began for me on 11th September, when I got a text from my mum that read “No Santa outfits this year. Gotta have a Christmas jumper”. We’ve always been a fancy dress obsessed family, and I do think this photo from last Christmas will take a lot of beating, but if anything can do it, some Mark Darcy-esque Christmas jumpers are probably a good place to start. So began the search for the perfect knit! Enter my festive fairy godmothers, New Look, who sent me my first Christmas present of the year, a stocking of goodies and (natch) a suitably festive Christmas jumper…

Now I’ll be honest with you. This isn’t actually the jumper I’ll wear on Christmas Day. I won’t spoil that surprise (see you on Instagram!) but I actually think New Look’s offering is far too pretty for the big day. Yes, the Christmas pudding is sparkly and the ‘snow’ is 3D, but it’s a lovely soft fluffy mohair-style yarn, a cute pastel colour, and there definitely aren’t enough sequins or lights or clashing colours to pass the Cartwright Family Christmas Humiliation Test (™).


Instead, I rolled this bad boy out on 13th December, which is Christmas Jumper Day (a charity event for Save The Children). As I’m also still trying to do Dressember, I layered my jumper over a dress to ensure I was ticking all the boxes when it comes to wardrobe requirements. This wasn’t the greatest idea in the world, as someone clearly worked out how to turn the central heating up in our office block the same day and I almost melted . . . but there was no way I was taking off my little bit of festive naffness. I even sat in an interview wearing it. That’s dedication for you. Or perhaps stupidity?


One of the things I love about this jumper is New Look’s cute attention to detail. The normal label is ditched in favour of a special gift label, so if you have a waterproof pen you can personalise it if it’s a gift. Size wise it’s pretty generous. As you can see, I tried the 14, which fit with plenty of room. The whole point of a Christmas jumper is that it has a classic loose fit, but I’d suggest sizing down if you prefer a more modern, slim fit. There’s no waist, it’s a straight fit with a ribbed hem.

The jumper’s still available if you’re looking for something for the festive season, and I think it’s a great buy if you want to get into the spirit without going all out in a red, green and gold monstrosity. If you prefer penguins, light-up Christmas trees or festive fair isle, New Look has all that too in their Christmas jumpers collection. Today’s their last day for Christmas delivery, so shop quickly!

Disclosure: The jumper was a gift. I wasn’t paid to write this post and all opinions are my own.

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Ten things I love (and none of them are dresses)

We all know by now that I rely a little bit too much on the whole ‘put on tights, add dress, throw on some shoes, leave house’ approach to getting dressed in the morning. But in order not be quite so predictable in the way I dress, I’ve been trying to move away from that. It hasn’t gone particularly well – mostly, I’ve been wearing more coloured tights (oooh, innovative!) and trying to wear a pair of earrings for more than half an hour before I get bored and remove them – but I’m also trying to stop myself from going directly to the ‘dresses’ page when I’m browsing online. I’m finding myself increasingly drawn towards separates – mostly blouses, skirts and shorts – and great statement accessories. Here are just a few of the things I’ve discovered by making that tiny little change…


– I’m really hoping Miss Selfridge restock these shorts or have some biggers sizes left in store, because I’m completely in love with them. Not only are they the colour of the season – rust – they’re a much easier shape to wear than the shorter, tighter cuffed shorts of previous seasons. They’d work now with tights and brogues, but could also be worn with bare legs if the Sun ever shows its face again.


Absolutely predictable for me, I know, but this bargain cherry print skirt will be killer with a black top, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon shoes and a pompadour hairdo. The more I see of Henry Holland’s range for Debenhams, the more I love. Lots of great prints, pretty dresses and a big dash of quirky is right up my street!


I’ve had my eye on these shoes for ages, since I saw them in a magazine as part of a purple and coral outfit (with purple tights). They looked amazing – like something off the Miu Miu catwalk – and since then they’ve been high up on my wishlist. They’re the perfect example of something that I wouldn’t look twice at while browsing, but having seen them styled to perfection, they suddenly become a must-have.


I would never really look at a white coat because of how ridiculously impractical they are, but there are times (weddings, for example) when you need something a little lighter and more special. And let’s face it, at £20 this baby is an absolute steal. If I didn’t think it’d be grubby grey within five minutes of me putting it on, I’d be snapping this up right away.


All I can say is Oh My God! If you’re an online friend or you’ve been following me for a while on twitter, you may know about my obsession with a particular Linea Pelle handbag range called Dylan that featured the perfect slouchy leather foldover bag with a cross-body strap. At well over $400 (plus shipping and import fees) it’s well out of my price range, but I lived in hope that someone would do a decent homage. And here it is! River Island have totally pulled it out of the bag – and done so in leather. I’m headed straight in store to get a proper look!


I’m absolutely loving these Topshop vests with scalloped edges. It’s a lovely way to make a basic item a bit more on trend (ugh, even if you hate the phrase ‘on trend’) and the shape is really adaptable. I’d go for a bit of colourblocking and wear the rust coloured one tucked into those lovely Miss Selfridge shorts with a big chunky pendant necklace.


And for those who don’t fit into Topshop’s teeny sizing, this gorgeous cami from ASOS curve is another lovely Spring update on a classic. I like that the ruffles are a bit softer than those double-layer tops and dresses currently floating about (via Halston Heritage) which can be a bit much on anyone with more than a C-cup bust. This would look great with a couple of long, delicate gold chain necklaces, skinny jeans or cuffed trousers and wedges for a night out. Just add a kimono cardigan / shrug for the finishing touch.


Oh look, a retro swimsuit. How very predictable of me! We all know I love a good bit of 40s or 50s inspired swimwear, and this gets my vote for two reasons. Number one – it costs less than £50, unlike most of the more specialist offerings. Number two, the sizing goes up to a 22, which is a blessing for the many women who’ve got in touch with me because they’re looking for easily accessible, curve-flattering vintage style swimwear. Three cheers for Monsoon, who’ve really pulled it out the bag with this baby.


Childish peter pan collar? Check! Loud, slightly OTT print? Check! What’s not to love about this top? I’d quite like to team it with something really unexpected, like an electric blue pencil skirt (tucked in) or a pair of tan shorts, rather than going with the obvious and using it for a pop of colour in a black ensemble. If I had the guts, I’d even try teaming it with something in a clashing floral for a catwalk-inspired look.


Magazines have been extolling the virtues of ‘crayola courts’ for this Spring, and I don’t think you can get more ‘child doing colouring in’ than these platforms. Yes, they’re a little bit crazy, but life is too short to wear boring black shoes all the time. These babies combine two of my favourite colours, and though I might not have much opportunity to wear them, I’m sure I’d enjoy the rare chances! Plus they’re only £35 and come in lots of other colourways.

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Tried & Tested: INES Collection’s plus size prints!

I’ve been sitting on this review for months (literally) because I didn’t want it to disappear in the middle of all the Dressember madness, so please forgive the fact I didn’t tell you all about INES Collection sooner! The brand (available at, who ship internationally) offers affordable plus size dresses and blouses with an emphasis on prints – a great move as plus size fashion is so often black, black, black, and while some people can totally pull that off, others want a bit of colour!

I was sent the Graphic Pop dress ($72) and the Bird Calling blouse ($49) to try out, so read on for how I got on!

First things first – the smallest size Ines makes is and XS, which is the equivalent US 10-12, and that’s the size I tried. It roughly translates to a UK 14-16, and I’d say even then it’s on the generous side and the dress was particularly big on me. Nothing I couldn’t fix with a belt, but it’s still a bit blousy on my body, and I actually think it looks far, far better on the model, who fills it out much better than I do. This is a great shape if you want to emphasise a good waist (or indeed create one).

But in the interest of Making It Work, I wanted to go a bit further than just throwing the dress on and taking a couple of badly posed snaps, so here are some of the ways I would consider wearing it. I think because it’s quite a loud print, it benefits from being broken up with a bit of solid colour…

I think the dress is great for smart/casual looks. The length is really great (bang on knee length on my 5’7 frame) and it’s super comfy to wear. It looks like silk or satin but it’s actually polyester. Granted, that’s not the most luxurious of fabrics , but on the upside it’s easy to take care of and it barely creases. The dress also has a heavy reinforced hem to help it hang properly, and stop those Marilyn-on-a-subway-grate moments!

The blouse has the same elasticated empire waist as the dress, which is far more forgiving than a tight waistband or belt, making it a lot more comfortable to wear. There’s a little tie that you can use to cinch it even more, and the buttons are well-placed to allow for a bit of flesh-flashing without ever accidentally showing your bra in the process. I love the peacock print, which reminds me of the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection – which I invested heavily in! I tried the top with jeans (yes! me in jeans!) but it’d look great with a pencil skirt for a smarter look too.

Buy INES at now. Until the end of January, if you spend over $75 you can get a massive 40% off by using the discount code jan2011.

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Five shirts, five days: the ‘ladyshirt’ challenge!

The last time I wore a shirt was probably on my last day at school, so when The Savile Row Company got in touch to set me a bit of a wardrobe challenge, it was with slight trepidation that I took it on! They offered to send me a selection of shirts from their surprisingly vast women’s range, which I would then work into my own wardrobe to suit my style. Given that my usual way of creating an outfit involves picking a dress from the hundreds I own and proceeding to over-accessorise it, doing creative things with shirts was going to be tricky. But I’m always game for a challenge, and it turned out to be very interesting to see how these classic pieces can be taken far beyond their traditional home as workwear…

Shirt One: The Boyfriend Shirt in White

I decided to start off with what I thought would be the easiest shirt to wear, the long boyfriend shirt in white (£27.50). I didn’t want to go the easy route of wearing it buttoned up over leggings, so I decided to go one step further. I layered the shirt over a navy and white vest with a lace trim, and added a pair of jeans with turn-up hems. This was topped with a tan coloured belt to cinch it in a bit.

The look I was going for was a bit Gallic and a tad gamine. Alas, I am definitely not Audrey Hepburn (!) and I think the result is a bit too ‘done’ and does nothing for my body shape at all. Even with the belt, this outfit makes my waist disappear, though I do think this is due to the fact I unbuttoned it and pushed some of the fabric back to make it look more ‘open’. Luckily, I have another boyfriend shirt to try later, which hopefully I can create a better look with…

Shirt Two: The Tie-Neck shirt in Raspberry Pink

Next, I moved on to something a bit brighter. Of all the shirts I tried, the short-sleeved tie-neck (£27.50) was the one I was least excited about when I saw it in pictures. I have big boobs, and high-necked designs, especially those with loads of fussiness at the neck, generally make me look ridiculous.

But then I realised the sash that comes with this blouse is actually detachable, which meant I wasn’t limited to wearing it how it was intended. I tried it tied around the neck, but it was difficult to get it looking as neat as in the photos (believe it or not, I had ironed it before the pic on the right). Instead, I chose to wrap the sash around the waist and tie it at the back, and wear it with a floral stretch skirt from F+F at Tesco. This ended up being one of my favourite looks of the five – the pink is quite bright and girly, and the lack of collar makes the shirt look a bit more casual, which works with the jersey skirt.

Shirt Three: The V-neck Short Sleeve Blouse in Lilac

Day three’s shirt was a more feminine style with a v-neck and tie (£27.50), so my first thought was to go casual and wear it with jeans. But then I decided I should go for something smarter as this was the least office-esque of the styles and I could perhaps get away with it. So out came the trusty pencil skirt (from New Look). I didn’t really want to accessorise this, but I ended up adding a stretchy belt (from River Island) because it was quite difficult to keep the shirt tucked in and looking tidy because the skirt had a narrow waistband, so I needed something to hide the join.

I like the finished look, but I do wonder if this blouse would look better off on women with a smaller bust. The seaming detail sits directly above the boobs and can give a bit of a shelf-like look if you’re not careful. Great if you’re small up top, but harder to wear if you’re D+.

Shirt Four: The Narrow Satin Stripe Shirt in Blue

This narrow satin stripe shirt (£27.50) was my favourite of all the shirts, which surprised me given that it’s the most classic shape. It was the only one I thought looked good without a belt (but I put one on anyway – why change the habit of a lifetime?). I think because I tend to go for slinkier fabrics or more fitted cuts, that I struggled with the more voluminous shirts, while this one fit really well all the way down. It has pretty detailing down the front and is a really nice, heavy fabric that sits well and is incredibly easy to iron.

I wore it with a pair of denim shorts over tights, which is not something I’ve worn before, but I think they work to balance out the smartness of the shirt and make it a bit more casual. The photos were taken at the end of the day, so please forgive the creasing around the belt where I’d been moving around!

Shirt Five: The Boyfriend Shirt in Blue

By now we’ve established that I quite like belts. So I decided I may as well whack one on for the final day, which saw the return of the boyfriend shirt, this time in blue. I think these shirts work best on my body shape with something to nip in the waist, as they’re quite straight in shape which can end up looking less ‘boyfriend’ and more ‘granny’ on a body like mine. Along with my belt I added an insane pair of Topshop earrings for a bit of bling, and I actually really like how it looks.

The only problem with this blue colour is that it’s exactly the same colour as the shirts that were part of my school uniform as a kid, so the moment I put it on, I’m transported back to being ten years old, bleary-eyed and struggling with my tie every morning! Maybe if I give this look a go in the future, it’ll be with the white shirt rather than the blue!

All the shirts are available on the Savile Row Company’s website in sizes 8 – 16 (they run true to size with generous busts), and are currently 2 for £45.

Disclosure: the shirts were sent to me free of charge for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post.

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October must-haves: aviators, capes & velvet

My lack of enthusiasm for new season fashion has finally started to wane. Is it because I’m getting used to the Winter trends, or have the latest additions to the virtual rails been better than what we got in September? Perhaps it’s just the fact the temperature has dropped and I can finally see the need for a beautiful coat or a fabulous cape. Whatever the reason, I’m finally getting excited about what’s in the shops, and have picked out some of my favourites from a range of retailers. Top of my list is Miss Selfridge’s super-glam velvet coat with fur trim. It may not be the most practical piece of outerwear, but it’s definitely beautiful, and the rich, thick, stiff velvet is far nicer than the cheap stretchy stuff that can be found elsewhere.

H&M’s fluffy, frilly prom dress had me dancing round the changing rooms wondering if I could get away with it. The final decision was ‘no’ (too much netting in the underskirt coupled with a short hemline looked a bit ballerina-ish on my 5’7 figure) but I can’t wait to see it on others.

Meanwhile, M&S come up trumps in the shoe department, ASOS’s cape (in regular and Curve sizing) is a no-brainer winter warmer, and Louche’s cute Bambi-esque jumper is just the right amount of quirky for my liking.

Check out the gallery for all my October faves – shop by clicking the grey links below the images.

[nggallery id=8]

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August obsessions: fascinators, fragrance & frocks

With the sales finally coming to a close, I should be getting excited about new season shopping, but to be honest with you, I’m a bit scared by all the shearling gilets and harem pants, so my mind is still on Summer. With a foreign holiday in less than a week (yay!) I’m still indulging my swimwear obsession and hunting down things to buy in Duty Free, and also looking for some quirky last-minute finishing touches to a number of late Summer wedding outfits. Here’s what’s on my mind at the moment…

Dylan Medium Tote in ‘Concorde’ $435 at Linea Pelle

Dylan is my one true love. I have gone on and on and on about this handbag for far too long so apologies to those who’ve seen me blog about it before. It has everything I like in a bag (shoulder and cross-body straps, subtle hardware, lots of zips, a lovely leather and a funky lining) and now they’ve gone and made it in purple. They do this just to taunt me, I’m convinced. One day, there’ll be a UK stockist and / or a $200 discount. Please?

Womanity Eau de Parfum £38 – £60 Thierry Mugler at Debenhams

I used to be incredibly unfaithful to fragrances, until I found Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf and I thought I’d found my perfect perfume. Then I made the mistake of spritzing this whilst in Debenhams, and I think I may have found something I love even more. I’ve never liked Thierry Mugler fragrance before (Angel smells awful on me and Alien is just ‘meh’) but this is just gorgeous. Quite fruity and fun, but with something really special hiding underneath that stops it smelling like every sickeningly sweet celeb perfume on the market. Apparently it’s caviar…whatever it is, it works.

Black ruffle swim dress £35 at ASOS

What a surprise! A retro swimsuit! Despite the fact I have swimwear coming out of my ears and only a week or two a year to show it off, I bought one of these the moment I saw it. It’s a dead ringer for the Betsey Johnson and (*hides*) Juicy Couture retro cossies I’ve been eyeing up, and a tad cheaper than the Esther Willliams swimsuit I just couldn’t justify buying given that I already have the bikini. Making this in larger sizes for ASOS Curve seems like a no-brainer to me, so here’s hoping that’s on its way.

Neha black zip front cutout side shoe £20 at

I went to Boohoo’s Autumn / Winter press day a couple of weeks ago, and the models were all wearing these shoes. The pictures don’t really do them justice. I am blessed with terrible cankles (this is not one of those imaginary body hang-ups, I really do have oddly thick ankles!) so ankle-straps rarely do up on me, and if they do they look terrible, so I’ve never really been able to try chunky gladiator heels or shoe-boots. These are the closest I can get – lots of detail on the vamp but the zip allows a bit more wiggle room. And they’re only £20. Fab!

Collection Evening Cape Dress £175 at Gant

I love the unexpected glam of a party dress with sleeves. In a room full of girls in strapless and one-shoulder frocks, it really stands out. Plus this shade of green looks amazing on just about everyone. I’d team this with a good basting of St. Tropez tan, metallis shadow and fake lashes, some very OTT gold jewellery (perhaps a knotted collar or some big Pat Butcher earrings) and killer heels or wedges. Now, which way to Studio 54?

Nail Polish in Purple Grey £5 at Models Own

Someone is currently selling a bottle of Chanel’s limited edition ‘Jade’ nail polish for £200 on eBay (er, good luck with that). Clearly, Chanel nails are the Ones To Have, and the latest must have from them is ‘Paradoxal’, being touted as the perfect greyish purple. Of course it’s impossible to get hold of. Luckily, Models Own have an alternative so close in colour that you’d be hard-pushed to tell the difference. Don’t believe me? Just look for yourself. At £5 instead of almost £20, it’s a no-brainer, and mine’s winging its way to me as we speak!

Rose Ruffle Cropped Jacket £25 at New Look

I was always scared of chunky textures in the past because it’s been drummed into me that added bulk is Just Not Slimming. But if reading so many amazing curvy blogs has taught me one thing, it’s that you shouldn’t be scared to give anything a go, and that dressing to ‘slim’ is not only fighting a losing battle, it’s also bad for your confidence. Your body is the shape it is, and no amount of clever dressing is going to change that. So I decided to buy this and stick two fingers up to the rules! It’s perfect for my ostentatious, girly style, and will be a great cover-up at parties in the coming months.

‘Who is that girl’ rose clip $25 thehoneycomb on Etsy

I’ve got two weddings to go to in September and I really need to pick what I’m wearing so I can order one of these fascinators as the finishing touch. I’ve collected things with butterflies on since I was a teenager (again, predictable, no?) so I love thehoneycomb’s gorgeous combs and wreathes. I wore one of this designer’s floral pieces as a bridesmaid recently, and they’re really beautifully made. Plus it’s lovely to support an independent designer, instead of rocking up in the same M&S or Accessorize fascinator as everyone else!

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Top Ten: even more ‘buy now, wear later’

There’s no real link between these ten products except the fact I love them and I will be investing in some of them ready for when the Sun finally shows its face! This Summer, I’ll be eschewing the more off-the-wall catwalk trends (jogging pants? Leather shorts? I think not…) for something a bit more flattering.

On the relaxed, bohemian side there’ll be an update on last Summer’s gladiator sandals, pretty maxi dresses, nude wedge sandals, 50s sundresses and vintage-inspired doctors bags. For something a bit more dramatic, I’m thinking chandelier earrings, waterfall frills, graphic print dresses and military inspiration. All these items are available now, so get shopping before they sell out!

Digital gemstone slinky one-shoulder dress £55 at ASOS
With a hint of Alexander McQueen and Peter Pilotto, this dress is perfection if you have the guts to try it!
Cut-out wedge sandals £30 at New Look
A great lattice-style vamp and a comfy but high-rise wedge. Nude lengthens the legs, too.
Waterfall side jersey dress £22.50 at Simply Be
The frills add a distinctive touch to an easy-wear shape. Who said plus size needs to be dull?
Blue swirl print maxi dress £120 YLB at Wallis
Yasmin Le Bon’s amazing, 30s style boho maxi dress is top of my wishlist.
Mischa Barton doctor’s bag £75 at Tesco
Maybe Mischa should ditch the acting all together and concentrate on her fab boho bags?
Maui Atlantis dress £65.99 at Fever Designs
The perfect 50s tiki sundress for holidays and Sunny spells!
Butterfly wing cascade clip earrings £62.50 at The Earring Boutique
Pricey shoulder-dusting chandeliers that look like old Hollywood antiques.
Green thumb blouse £98 Anthropologie
Anthropologie do relaxed beauty like no other – this top is expensive but fab!
Aileen pink tie-dye gladiator sandals £15 at Boohoo
A coloured update on last year’s must have, I lived in the black version last year.
White bird printed military jacket £29.99 at River Island
The feminine way to try the military trend, I love the juxstaposition of styles.