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Fashion label to watch: Three Floor

Three Floor is one of my favourite fashion discoveries of the past 12 months. The young London-based label is currently only available online (through the official website, at ASOS and a few other boutiques). It’s the brainchild of Central St Martins graduate and designer Han Chong and Managing Director Yvonne Hoang. With only a handful of seasons under its belt, Three Floor is very much a label in its infancy, but already it’s drummed up a huge following from fashion fans, bloggers and celebs (Kimberley Walsh is a massive fan) who love the quirky tailoring, cool texture and amazing mix of colours and finishes. The best thing is the surprisingly reasonable prices – at about £100 – £150 per dress this is a brand that requires a bit of saving up for, but compared to what you’d get for a similar price at a high end high street store like French Connection or Reiss, you’re actually getting a lot more bang for your buck, as Three Floor is all about statement pieces, plus you’re supporting young independent designers on their way up!
Dresses by Three Floor SS 2013

The Spring 2013 collection is my favourite so far, and I can’t help but compare the cutout dresses in heavy fabrics with jewels, metallics and peplums to designers like Miu Miu, Marni and Marc Jacobs. I love the styling with the jewelled cap (you can buy that too) and the really exaggerated shapes and great fabric choices. If the peplums and cutouts and colours together are a bit much, there’s an ASOS exclusive dress that brings it down a notch which I’m sure will be a big seller. Personally, I love the most ostentatious pieces the most!

Dresses by Three Floor AW 2012

Previous collections were just as cool, and you can still snap up loads of Autumn / Winter 2012 stock on the website (though I’m crossing my fingers there’s a sale soon). The ‘lace up’ mini dress in pink or black is my absolute favourite. If full-on lace is too much, ‘Night Cat’ teams the same top with a faux leather skirt. Also look out for the far more modest ‘hidden Gem’ dress – this is the style that got me hooked on the label…and not just because it’s the perfect name for me!

Shop Three Floor at or ASOS. Right now they only make sizes 6 – 14, but hopefully as their popularity grows, so will their size range!