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Frugal Feb

Buy less, wear more: Frugal February 2012 is here!

For the second year running, I will be cutting out all necessary spending in February as I challenge myself to save as much money as I possibly can. I have so much stuff that I don’t need any more, and I also have plenty of reasons to save this year. So for one month only, I’m on a spending ban. No clothes, no accessories, no undies, no magazines, no makeup or beauty products, no DVDs, books or music, no pricey bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates, and definitely no shoes. The only things I’ll be spending on are food and drink, travel, and the occasional bit of socialising.

I created Frugal February because I know this is a month when a lot of people struggle to make ends meet. Christmas credit card bills have hit the doormat, many people have just filled out a tax return and faced a whopping bill, and we’ve probably all indulged a bit in the January sales. It’s the perfect time for a spending detox. Even if you’re not facing bills, bills, bills, saving for one tiny little month (the shortest, natch) means you can treat yourself at the end.

It’s also a good way of encouraging a bit of creativity when it comes to fashion blogging – if you have no new stuff, you need to find more interesting ideas when it comes to blog posts. NO HAULS FOR A MONTH, folks (I never understood hauls anyway)!

If you fancy joining in, take a look at the Frugal February rules & details page by clicking here, grab a button and send in the form.

If you have trouble with the form (or if you thought you’d sent it but you don’t see your name below, you can leave a comment on this post and I’ll add you).

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Frugal Feb, In My Wardrobe, Shoeper Challenge

More shoes saved & dresses worn!

I’ve been making every effort to actually update this site more often in 2011, but I’ve been a bit quiet this week as things have been a bit busy, so apologies for that. I’ve still been keeping up with my challenges – Frugal Feb, the Shoeper Challenge and Frocking Fridays – and I’m finding documenting all those outfits and shoe saves really good fun, and it makes me think a little bit more about what I’m wearing each day, rather than just throwing on whatever dress comes to hand first. Especially as in the last week I’ve had parties, work events and London Fashion Week to attend…

We’ll start off with last Friday, and it was off to London Bridge to celebrate ten years of my friend Darika being in London. I wore a blue H&M number for Frocking Friday (one of my style icons, Zooey Deschanel, has the same dress, you can imagine how excited I was to discover that!) but also used the evening as an occasion to ‘save’ a pair of shoes in the Shoeper Challenge. They’re not very easy to see in the pic, but they’re fringed suedette platforms with wooden heels from New Look. Here’s a closer look – they don’t look that high in the pic but believe me, they are. They make me about 6″ tall!

I remember reading somewhere that wearing open-toe shoes with tights looks ‘common’. Well, it’s freezing and I’ve got shoes that need saving, so I guess I’ll live with that!

Next up came a quick trip to London Fashion Week. I only went to one show this season – Christopher Kane (amazing, as expected) – which to be honest was enough for me. I love fashion week and nothing beats seeing the clothes close-up, but I don’t miss the long days and waiting around and was happy this time to just make the one appearance! I wore a red dress from ASOS, which was probably a bit of a mistake as the structured detail refused to sit properly and it creased really badly, but as I spent most of the day with my coat covering it anyway, it didn’t really matter.

The shoes are also ASOS, and a real favourite because they’re super-high but really, really comfy. I think they cost me about £11 in the sale. They’re another first wear in the Shoeper Challenge, so consider these babies saved!

And finally, yesterday’s Frocking Friday dress, which was a bit of a last-minute choice (I got up slightly hungover, put my jeans on and then realised it was Friday and I needed to make an effort)! The dress was found in a vintage shop in West London, cost me about £12, and I believe it’s from the 70s. There’s heaps of fabric in the skirt so it hangs really well, but it needs belting and the sleeves rolling up or it looks very, very old-lady ish!

No pic of the shoes with this one, but that was only because they were my boring old black leather boots, which are on their last legs thus not really worth ‘saving’ in the shoeper challenge.

I have a bit of a confession when it comes to Frugal February. I sort-of cheated, as today I got a new digital camera. I broke my old one about 6 months ago, so have been using a little budget Fujifilm compact that Sian very kindly handed down to me, along with my phone. When I saw the Panasonic I had my eye on had gone under £200, I decided to invest while I had the money. It’ll really make a difference to the outfits pics on this site, and I’ll also use it loads for work and when I go to Australia in May. I kind of consider it exempt from Frugal Feb as it’s essentially a business expense, plus we’re almost at the end of the month, so the money I saved has gone on this camera!

Frugal Feb

Frugal February – the rules, the links, the buttons


A few people showed interest in Frugal February when I mentioned it the other day, so I thought it’d be worth putting together a full page of info in case anyone fancies joining in. It’d be great to have some other people to share the torture with!

I’m not super-strict on the rules – if you spot this on 3rd Feb it’s not too late to take part, just run it into the first few days of March! Really this is about saving some cash, making the most of what you have and realising that you don’t need to spend on loads of new stuff to create some fabulous outfits. At the bottom of the post are a few hastily made buttons if you fancy popping one in your sidebar so other people can join in too. It’d be great if fellow FFers could spread the word!

So, here are the basics of Frugal February…

I vow, for one month from 1st Feb, to avoid shopping for anything other than essentials.

This means buying no clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, cosmetics, books, DVDs, music, magazines, gadgets etc for a month.

Food and drink don’t count, though it’s worth paying attention to unnecessary expenses in this area – do you really need that bottle of wine? Do you have stuff in the cupboard you could use to make dinner, rather than getting convenience food? I also suggest banning takeaways and any unnecessary eating out if you’re really serious!

Daily use items such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo etc are fine to buy, but only if you’ve run out completely! Same goes for any makeup you might ‘finish’ during the month. On the off chance you use up the last dregs of your only foundation during the month, you can replace it, but only if you don’t have an alternative.

Frugal Feb doesn’t mean waving goodbye to a social life. Though you may choose to cut down on nights out to save a bit more cash, my time spent with friends is important to me! My Frugal February ‘no spend’ rule doesn’t include things like the occasional ticket or cover charge, or travel expenses. If I want to go somewhere and there’s a cost associated, that’s fine.

Frugal Feb is mostly about not buying clothes and unnecessary items, and using the ones you have, so I’ll be keeping track of what I wear, the things I’m getting use out of that I wouldn’t otherwise, and blogging about it. I would, of course, encourage anyone else taking part to do the same, and don’t forget to tweet / email me the links. Obviously this can be teamed with any other challenges you may be doing (like the 30 for 30 challenge or Frocking Fridays).

If you’d like to take part, pop a comment below with your URL and I’ll add you to my links list and check out your blog during the month. It’d also be lovely if you followed BGB using google friend connect or bloglovin’ and follow me on twitter too – nudge nudge, wink wink. I’ll try and do the same for you, of course.

I’ve made a few Frugal February buttons that you’re more than welcome to pop in your blog sidebar too (you don’t have to). They’re a bit rubbish, so please feel free to make your own if you’d rather. Give me a shout if you do and with your permission, I’ll add it here.

The Frugal February hashtag on twitter is #frugalfeb – make sure to add it to the end of any tweets so I see them!


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leave a comment or tweet at me if you’re not on the list and would like to be, then pop one of the banners below in your sidebar (if you wish).

[photo: Confessions of a Shopaholic, Touchstone Pictures]

In My Wardrobe

Frugal February & The Shoeper Challenge

2011 is all about challenges for me, and as well as keeping up with Frocking Fridays and continuing to dress a bit more ‘dangerously’ I’ll be embarking on two new online fashion challenges in February. The first is my own cost-saving exercise, Frugal February, which means absolutely no spending on non-essentials for the entire month. No clothes, no shoes, no beauty products, no books etc.

The second is Amber‘s brilliant Shoeper Challenge which sees shoe-obsessed bloggers vowing to wear every single pair of shoes and boots they own over the next 12 months (and provide photographic evidence). Sounds easy? Well, you just wait until you see how many shoes I have…

I’m terrible at hoarding things and not throwing them out, which is why I thought this challenge would be good for me. It’s based on the idea that we all own pairs of shoes that we love but we never wear them, and that is definitely true for me. On sorting out all my shoes to photograph for the beginning of the challenge, I came across a good dozen pairs I’d forgotten I owned. Some still had the labels on! Others have been floating around for almost 10 years and are completely battered, so it’s about time I got rid of them. I won’t throw out any old shoes before the challenge starts on 14th Feb, but I will be operating a one in, one out policy over the year – for any new pair of shoes or boots I buy, at least one old pair has to go.

In total, I have…

30 pairs of flats (including flipflops & sandals)
65 pairs of heels & wedges
6 pairs of ankle boots
8 pairs of knee-high boots

That’s a quite shocking total of 109 pairs.

And here’s the proof…

There are only 7 pairs of knee high boots in the pic below, but I do have one other pair of heeled black boots with an oily finish that I accidentally missed.

Speaking of accidentally missing things out, these are my most recent totally crazy purchase. I forgot to add them to any of the heels group shots, so they get a (much-deserved) photo of their own…

By the end of the challenge, I aim to ‘edit’ my collection down to well below 100. Having this many shoes isn’t good! In the past I’ve had a tendency to buy cheap shoes when I don’t need them (I’d say at least 1/3 of the shoes in the photos above cost less than £10 a pair) and now have loads of uncomfy, bad quality shoes I don’t wear. This year that stops, and all these shoes get at least one airing or they go to someone who’ll properly appreciate them.

And if I happen to stumble across another Rupert Sanderson sample sale somewhere along the line…I’m sure an old pair of Primark ballet pumps can be sacrificed for the greater good!